BBLive Live-Stream Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need a membership to participate in BBLive live-streaming?

A: BBLive live-streaming is a service offered to Body Boutique members. If you’re not a member yet, you can register for a One Week Free Trial on our website and purchase a BBLive live-streaming memberships at

Q: How do I register to participate in BBLive live-streaming?

A: You can create your BBLive live-streaming account at and by clicking the “Don’t have an account? Register here“ to register. It’s free with membership and non-members get a one-week free trial.

Q: How do I login to watch a BBLive live-stream?

A: After you have registered, you can login to participate at or by visiting our website at and clicking “NEW BBLive” and then the “Login/Register” link.

Q: How do I watch a BBLive live-stream class?

A: You can watch a BBLive live-stream on a computer, tablet, smartphone, or on an internet television with either Chromecast, Apple TV, or Internet Browsing Capabilities.

Q: What internet browser is best for watching a BBLive live-stream?

A: We recommend using the Google Chrome browser (even for Apple products). If you prefer to use the Safari browser on your Apple device (iPhone or iPad) and you are unable to view the live-stream – please go to setting on your iPhone or iPad and scroll down and click Safari, then scroll down and click “Clear History and Website Data”, and then login to view the live-stream. If this doesn’t work, we then recommend downloading the Google Chrome browser.

Q: How much internet speed do I need?

A: We live-stream in high-definition 1920 x 1080 and the minimum download speed required to watch a live-stream is 10-18 Mps (mega-bits per second). If multiple users are using the same internet connection you may need more than 10-18 Mps download speed, especially if other users are watching movies, gaming, or downloading files, etc.

Q: If I notice buffering what should I do?

A: If you are experiencing buffering (frozen stream) you may want to de-clutter your modem/router prior to watching your next live-stream. To de-clutter your modem/router simply unplug the power cord from either the wall outlet or power strip or from the back of the modem/router, then wait 60 seconds before plugging it back into power. Once the modem/router fully reconnects to your internet service you should have sufficient download speed. You may want to de-clutter once a month just to keep your modem/router clutter-free.

Q: What if I’m still noticing buffering?

A: You can run a speed test at If your speed test download results are near the minimum required speed of 10-18 Mps you may want to call your internet service provider and ask what speed your plan provides. If your plan provides sufficient download speed but the speed test indicates otherwise you may want to ask your internet provider for a solution to get the speed your plan provides.

Q: Are there other reasons I may still be noticing buffering?

A: If internet speed on our end is faltering you may notice buffering on your end or no stream at all. We monitor our internet speed while streaming and if you do not normally notice buffering while watching our live-stream, it is possible we are experiencing a temporary technical issue. If so, we are likely already aware and we are working to resolve the problem.